Kallie Tucker
Event design and Coordinator

Lover of all things sparkly. Mommy of two. Wife of a sports addict.  
I know very deep in my soul that mimosas can solve any problem.
I was born and raised in Jacksonville and am a human GPS to those that are new to the city. My favorite places are San Marco and Avondale, and you will probably find me eating at Biscottis or b.b.'s most Friday nights. One word: desserts. 
I often ask myself: where have all the bobby pins gone and why can I never find them?
The most important people in my life are my adorable son & daughter, my incredibly handsome husband, and my yorkie Brooklyn.  My afternoons are usually taken up with jumping on a trampoline and blowing bubbles. 


I am the opposite of a realist and strongly believe in fairy tales (Sleeping Beauty is my favorite) and love stories.
I think that candlelight is possibly one of the most beautiful things in the world. I think a million candles makes a beautiful centerpiece as long as you don't burn the building down.
My favorite part of planning your event is the day of timeline as my biggest pet peeve in everyday life is running late. My favorite part of your big day is watching you walk down the aisle and the look on his face as well as the Maid of Honor's speech (it's always better than the best man's speech!). 
My weaknesses are sushi and cheese. Pretty sure I should have been French or Japanese. 
I love so many so it's a tough decision but my favorite T. Swift song is Fearless. "You're just so cool run your hands through your hair absent mindedly making me want you" makes me think of my husband everytime I hear it. 


P. 904.504.8872