Marla McGill
Event Design and Coordination

Gator Grad. Dauchsand mommy.  Glue Gun Queen. 

Each day, I find myself wishing that Harry Potter spells actually existed.  Accio, Wingardium Leviosa, and Apparition would be most helpful in my life (especially when event planning).  

I love being outside.  The way to my heart on a sunny day is to take me to a neighborhood park, latte in hand, and walk barefoot in the grass. 
My forte with event panning lies is my creativity.  I am fairly certain I can make most anything your heart desires.  Crafting and attention to detail are my jam.  I feel truly satisfied, when the creative visions in my head become reality.  

When WVO isn't hosting a fabulous event, my weekends include watching college football, visiting cool, low-key bars with friends, playing fantasy football, and most importantly, brunching.  
Kristen Wiig is my spirit animal. 
My favorite part of Jacksonville is San Marco.  I enjoy strolling by the duck pond (again, latte in hand, are you seeing a trend here?), grabbing a drink at SideCar or Grape & Grain Exchange, or dinner and of course dessert at bb's.  
My absolute favorite things about your wedding are the look on his face when your eyes meet for the first time and you're about to walk down the isle, watching your father-daughter dance, tugging at my heartstrings, and finally, your bridesmaids' dance moves at the reception: pure interpretive perfection.  
After years of wrestling internal conflict, I'm confident that my favorite Taylor Swift song is White Horse.  The lyrics are hauntingly honest, and build up to an inspirational twist at the end.  



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